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By Jim Hoft

Since Monday morning former Chief Strategist for President Trump faced a one-sided and biased court in Washington DC.  He was charged with not honoring a subpoena from the January 6 Committee. The Jan. 6 Committee is a selected group of Democrats and two Republicans who are running America’s first-ever public show trials.  No defense or rebuttals to their concocted evidence is allowed in their nationally broadcast production.
The Select Committee is an unconventional committee in the fact that Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi would only allow approved Republicans to sit on this sham committee.  Only two turncoat Republicans were allowed to sit in with Democrats — angry Never-Trumpers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.
This week Steve Bannon was the target – as he has been since he first took the job of campaign manager for President Trump back in 2016.
The court allowed the January 6 Committee to use their concocted evidence against Steve Bannon.
But the court would not allow Steve Bannon’s team to confront his accusers or put up a defense.
This is the new America under Joe Biden and the Democrat-Socialist regime.  Only Democrats get court privileges.  Republicans have no rights.
Steve Bannon was found guilty this afternoon.
Earlier today Mike Davis and The Article III Project weighed in on the Steve Bannon case earlier today before the verdict was announced.
Davis predicted that the ruling would come out this afternoon and Steve Bannon would be found guilty.
And Davis predicted the case will end up at the Supreme Court — Americans deserve a fair trial and the right to question their accusers.  Democrats don’t like that but it is the law in the United States and has been that way since the country’s founding.


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