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by Ace

TV Clown Jake Tapper apologized to Adam Kinzinger for All The Things Tucker Carlson was doing to him.
Doug P. of Twitchy reminds us that just a couple of months ago, on the two year Media Celebration of January 6th, Jake Tapper claimed “a day that threatened to end the American experiment in many ways.”
He lied then as he always lies. And now he lies again, telling his very few viewers that Tucker Carlson claimed the January 6th riots “didn’t happen.”

Noted Tough Guy Anderson Cooper questioned Tucker Carlson’s courage.

Oh yeah, Anderson Cooper really put himself in harm’s way hosting a cheesy reality tv game show.
Oh, I’m sure he earned his Yellow Badge of Courage by reporting from a well-protected bunker in Kuwait City or something, playing up the one in ten million possibility that a SCUD might land within eight miles.
Otherwise the most harm this Nepo Baby child of privilege has ever faced is taking it in his powdered-and-perfumed keister from a Gentleman Drifter rawdog-style at the Limelight in 1988.
Meanwhile, Professional Unfunnyman Stephen Colbert justified his position of being paid to not make people laugh by claiming his real role was telling his leftwing audience — which suffered a catastrophic nervous breakdown in 2016, which went untreated because all leftwingers suffered it and told each other it was totally normal to obsess over Trump every minute of every single day — that they are not insane.
Yes, they are. So are you, stupid.

Is that how you see your role here, Dum-Dum…? It’s fascinating, the delusionary self-justifications the stupid convince their tiny brains of.

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