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by Ace

I noted yesterday that the Treason Offensive had begun:

Former Bush campaign manager and ABC “News” Political Director — and, recently, candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor — Mathew Dowd has announced that blaming Brandon for what happens under Brandon’s watch is officially Treason.

Screenshot (1565).png

The neoliberals and neocons have teamed up in a Reese’s Cup commercial kind of way: The neoliberals say, “You got your ‘You’re an enemy agent‘ slur in my ‘You’re a racist homophobe misogynist‘ smear!”
The neocons say, “You got your ‘You’re a white supremacist!‘ smear in my ‘You’re a terrorist!’ slur!”
But they’ve decided these two great tastes taste great together, and they’re now joined at the hip, smearing the 80% of the country as racist Putin-lovers for daring to notice their constant failures.

There’s much more today.
Yesterday, Biden walked away without taking questions after slurring and mangling his pre-written statement on why he’d failed so badly on Ukraine.
It appeared weak.
Everyone saw it as weak. Everyone saw Joe Biden as running from questions.
Everyone knows he is too cognitively impaired to answer questions during a crisis — especially given that, during his last press conference, he invited Putin to stage a “minor incursion” into Ukraine.
It was so bad that ABC “News'” Democrat apparatchik David Muir offered this spin to explain Biden’s weakness, which actually just underscored his weakness: David Muir said that, given “the gravity of the moment the world is facing,” it’s best that Biden not attempt to ad lib answers to questions.
Well, that is true.
It’s also an admission that Biden should be removed via the 25th Amendment process.

The GOP House Republican account tweeted out a picture of this sad, frail, brain-damaged old man shuffling away in fear from the podium and noted the weakness on display.
Kasie Hunt of CNN branded the GOP “the enemy.”

Screenshot (1580).png

So criticizing a Democrat president makes you an “enemy” of the state now.
Is it time to debank the Republican Party, Kasie? Is that CNN’s position?
By the way, this ugly hag is the first announced anchor for CNN’s subscription service CNN Plus. So make sure you sign up for that.
By the way, KHunt:

Do you really think that Putin didn’t realize Biden was weak and cognitively retarded until the House GOP tipped him off?
And do you think that if we all pretended he was on top of his game, the way you clownish whores at CNN do, Putin would be fooled?
You think CNN is currently pull the wool over his eyes, huh? You think Russian intelligence is right now telling Putin, “The evidence is all over the place! All of our objective medical analysis tells us that Biden is a man in the advanced stages of dementia, but Kasie Hunt of CNN says he’s smart as a whip, so I don’t know what to think!!!”
That’s why you’re at CNN, KHunt. Because your brain is filled with hyperpartisan lie-fantasies like that.
Adam Schiff’s rentboy Adam Kinzinger with the soft succulent mouth-hole offered the typical neocon smear that anyone criticizing neocons (or their neoliberal “president”) is now just Workin’ for Putin.
Screenshot (1587).png

Democrat fundraiser and Soros Operative Bill Kristol called Republicans “disloyal” for not remaining Bought like he does:
Screenshot (1591).png
Career Affirmative Action hustler and unaccountably wealthy lifetime failure Michael Steele got the memo that “disloyal” was the Phrase That Pays of the day:

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