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by Ace

Don’t worry. Grampa Diddlefingers is sleeping in the middle of G7 meetings, but “Doctor” Jill Biden, “Official government representative,” is studying hard to conduct government business on her senile husband’s behalf.
Yamice Alcindor, a nasty leftwing partisan working for the nasty leftwing partisan NPR that you’re forced to fund, says that it could take years and years until the “Europeans like us again.”

Here’s the reality: Even members of the hard leftwing Labour Party in Britain are mocking our doddering, cognitively-impaired Make Believe President.
Apparently Trump heard all about Dozey Joe because he urges the Fake President not to fall asleep during G7 meetings:

And, reminder: NeverRight, NeverConservative NeverTrump voted for every inch of this.

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