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Reince Priebus @ Politifact:

Mitt Romney, the self-made man.

That’s part of the “Mitt Romney story” that Republicans plan to tell at their convention in Tampa this week.

His father may have been well-to-do, but Republicans have been emphasizing for weeks that Romney made his millions on his own.

Romney’s father, George, was chief executive of Detroit automaker American Motors Corp. and a three-time governor of Michigan who ran for president in the 1960s. Mitt grew up in a wealthy Michigan suburb, attending prep school and ultimately Harvard.

He’s been the target of silver-spoon attacks because he’s worth more than $100 million. (Perhaps far more.)

But Republicans argue he wasn’t handed his wealth — he earned it.

He even “gave away his father’s inheritance,” national committee chair Reince Priebus repeatedly told TV interviewers on Aug. 26, 2012, as the party prepared to open its convention.

We’ve rated a related claim from Romney himself that he “didn’t inherit money” from his parents. That earned a Half True, because he previously told interviewers he did get an inheritance, but donated it to Brigham Young University.

This time we’re checking whether he “gave away his father’s inheritance.”

We’re short on primary evidence for the claim — we haven’t seen his father’s will, nor a receipt from Brigham Young. But there’s a strong circumstantial case that Priebus is correct.

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