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The worst thing about the border crisis is knowing that nothing will change. It is too valuable a wedge issue for lawmakers to give serious consideration to a humane solution.

The second worst thing about the crisis is knowing that much of the outraged, emotional attention that national newsrooms are throwing at the border issue will disappear the moment the story ceases to be politically useful. It will be like the Cindy Sheehan episode all over again.

That the immigration crisis is being exploited by certain lawmakers for political gain has been clear for a while now. That it is also being exploited by members of the press did not become as clear until recently, when certain high-profile news anchors flipped from accusing the Trump White House of lying about whether there is a crisis at the border to declaring that there is a crisis at the border and that it is the White House’s fault.

“For anybody who doesn’t think that immigration is a crisis, I got to show you this picture,” CNN’s Don Lemon said Tuesday evening as he showed a photo of a father and daughter who drowned as they attempted to swim the Rio Grande.

Infuriatingly enough, Lemon is the same host who accused President Trump on April 24 of having a “long history” of making things up about “the border crisis.”

Lemon’s colleague Chris Cuomo also used the word “crisis” this month to describe what is happening at the border. But Cuomo had said on Jan. 11: “You can build a physical barrier. But why say it is a cure-all to keep back this demonized group of people, like this marauding horde that doesn’t exist. [Trump] created all of this. It’s all bogus.”

MSNBC’s Brian Williams also led his coverage Tuesday evening by stating that the president is facing a “crisis on the border.” Williams is the same anchor who also accused Trump on Jan. 8 of trying “to sell a crisis that the facts tell us does not exist.”

These reversals are in line with how certain Democratic lawmakers are talking now about what is happening at the border.

In just March of this year, Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, said on social media: “A fake crisis at the border is fear-mongering of the worst kind—and we’re not falling for it. I voted to terminate the president’s ridiculous ‘national emergency.’”

On Wednesday, she tweeted, “This is a humanitarian crisis, and [Trump] is responsible for it.”

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