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Warner Todd Houston @ Wizbang:

During the 2012 presidential campaign, many conservatives complained that the IRS was targeting them for harassment, some even claimed that Obama had an “enemies list.” During that time the progressive media complex ridiculed these claims but now the IRS itself has come forward to “apologize” for just the sort of behavior that conservatives accused it of during the late campaign for president.

The New York Times, led the way last year not only dismissing claims that the IRS was acting in a partisan manner by saying that the IRS was just doing its job, but the so-called paper of record went further calling for the taxing agency to step up its efforts to an even higher degree.

In another report, the Times attempted to spin the whole discussion as little else but a Republican effort to create a false political narrative.

Huffington Post joined that line of attack with a piece by Dan Froomkin who similarly praised the IRSfor its targeting of political groups and insisting that more be done.

Froomkin additionally reported that everything the IRS was doing was “perfectly normal and appropriate.”

Lefty PBS commentator Bill Moyers also got into the game with a piece penned with Michael Winship headlined “Pity the Poor Billionaires.” The taxpayer-funded Moyers pulled no punches saying that conservative complaints that the IRS was targeting them was something worthy of reply by “the world’s smallest violin.”

Moyers ridiculed claims by a Romney supporter who said Obama had targeted him for harassment. In June of 2012 Frank VanderSloot made news with his announcement that Obama and his left-wing followers had targeted him for his support of conservative causes. The billionaire also reported that he had been the subject of no less than two federal audits.

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