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Ed Morrissey:

No kidding — and it’s not just the Americans who are starting to realize it.  Former ABC reporter and Nightline anchor Ted Koppel told David Gregory on Meet the Press yesterday that the US overreacted to the threat, and that this isn’t the first time, either.  “Can you imagine a day, David,” Koppel asks, “when we’ll be without that [TSA] bureaucracy?”


“Terrorism is simply the weapon by which the weak engage the strong,” Koppel said. “They cause the strong—in this case us—to overreact. We are the ones who went into Iraq and spent about a trillion and a half dollars doing it, losing 4,500 men and women, god knows how many tens of thousands injured. We are the ones who created a bureaucracy. The TSA has what—57,000 people operating within the TSA? Can you imagine a day when we will ever be without that bureaucracy? All imposed upon ourselves.”

Koppel also notes that the only embassy to remain shuttered is in Sana’a, Yemen — hardly a vote of confidence in our war-on-terror partner there.  Shouldn’t the US have worked with the governments of these allies to strengthen security rather than bail out, Koppel wonders, as a show of force instead of a vote of no-confidence?

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