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by Kevin Tober

A humorous moment took place Sunday during ABC’s This Week when co-moderator Jonathan Karl struggled to report a poll by state-affiliated media outlet National Public Radio which showed former President Donald Trump’s favorable ratings increasing among Republicans since his indictment. Trump went from 68 percent favorable prior to the indictment to 76 percent. It’s unclear whether Karl was actually confused about the numbers or he literally couldn’t bring himself to admit Trump is becoming more popular with the GOP base. Either way, it goes to show that Karl is not a serious journalist.

“Let’s take a look at a poll taken entirely after the indictment was announced and unsealed from NPR,” Karl said before completely botching the poll results: “It showed that Trump’s favorable ratings actually went from 70—76 percent. I’m sorry. His favorable 76 to 60–you got me. I’m mixed up here. Let me start all over.”

After not accomplishing anything except confusing viewers, former Maryland liberal Republican governor, and panelist Larry Hogan jumped in to accurately state the Trump polling bump.

“The bottom line is his favorable ratings actually increased and his unfavorable ratings went down among Republican voters and independents who lean Republican,” Karl said. “So in other words, his standing among Republicans actually has improved since this indictment was announced.”

Later on in the show, Karl turned to ABC News contributor and disgraced former DNC chair Donna Brazile and acted astonished that Trump is within the margin of error of Biden in a Quinnipiac poll.

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