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by Ace

I don’t use the word “destroy” often. It’s a clickbait cliche.
But what else can this be called?

I am happy to say I just might have been wrong to doubt Kari Lake.
By the way: Jamie Raskin, one of the loudest, most partisan voices on the January 6 Kangaroo Court (apart from Fatty McGoo and Captain Buttplay), turns out to have, get this, engaged in some fulsome Election Denialism himself.

Do tell, Jamie:

Wanted to link Aaron Rupar there, in case anyone’s having Withdrawal Symptoms from AllahPundit linking him six times a day.
I care for you guys.
Can’t wait till AllahPundit’s at The Dispatch and linking The Bullwark thirty times a day.
Here’s the “President’s” Chief of Staff — some would say that he’s the Acting President most days, at least when Obama isn’t calling into the office — engaging in Insurrection as late as 2019.


Via Matt Margolis at PJMedia.
And now Peter Doocy challenged Affirmative Action Disaster Karine Jean-Pierre on the Democrat Party’s constant Election Denialism with respect to 2016 — and her own denial that Trump had won that election.
She refused to answer, as usual. If someone hasn’t written out an answer for her, she has no answer. If someone has written out an answer for her, still she has no answer, because the people who hired this DEI Dumpster Fire are themselves liars who have not been positioned for success.

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