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She just keeps repeating “It was a debate” and cackling like a Hillary Clinton. It’s her version of Joe Biden’s “Come on, man!”

Remember Biden’s debate performance against the C*ck Paul Ryan? He barely engaged on any point — he just sneered and fake-laughed.

That’s why Joe Biden deploys the “Come on, man!” scripted line — to indicate that the question or attack is obviously meritless, without ever bothering to explain why it’s allegedly meritless.

Kamala Harris is deploying the same dishonest tactic, and this is not something she just learned from Biden. Raheem Kassan notes she’s been doing this for a while:

Even the left-wing Atlantic magazine called her cackling during the segment a “laugh she often uses to deflect during television interviews.”

“Even among those who are more sympathetic, the turnaround feels dizzying,” the Atlantic noted.

Kassan also says:

Kamala Harris reinforced her reputation for servicing powerful men in exchange for some power for herself.

BTW, the AP has changed Kamala Harris’ race for purposes of the upcoming election:

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