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by Ian Miller

Nearly everyone is aware by now that for several weeks, a massive number of Canadian truckers have been protesting vaccine mandates and COVID policies in Ottawa and other parts of the country.
Their efforts have been generally successful, with numerous provinces lifting some or most of their COVID mandates and restrictions, and on the ground conversations with protestors have revealed valid questions and eminently reasonable concerns.
But perhaps their greatest success has been exposing Justin Trudeau as a delusional, incompetent authoritarian.
Trudeau’s likely unconstitutional invocation of the “Emergencies Act,” meant in theory to deal with terrorist uprisings, gives the government extraordinary power to seize bank assets, for example. His language, describing truckers and protestors as racists while ignoring his own history of blackface, has become increasingly extreme.
The policy has been met with anger, resentment and embarrassment among many Canadians and disdain on the international stage.
Trudeau added to the national outrage the other day by accusing a Jewish MP of standing with swastikas and repeatedly refusing to apologize for his astonishing ignorance and demonization.
It’s not hard to pile on his frequent missteps and disturbing lack of decorum and awareness, but what’s most infuriating about his incredible dedication to COVID mandates is that the policies he’s defending demonstrably do not work.

New Brunswick

It’s been abundantly clear since mid-2020 that mask mandates do not work. But as recently as October 2021, politicians and experts were still claiming that high vaccination rates would prevent surges and “end the pandemic”
It didn’t end in October — “experts” like Peter Hotez were still publicly spreading misinformation on vaccination rates as late as December.
But coincidentally, one of the earliest examples which showed that world leading vaccination rates would not prevent surges came from Canada.
The province of New Brunswick, bordering Maine, had essentially 90% of everyone over 12 at least partially vaccinated by the end of September — and cases broke records there, even with a mask mandate in place:

Hilariously, one of my tweets about this was labeled by Twitter. I’m guessing they were displeased with the implication that vaccinated people could get and spread COVID:

Although I must admit, the estimable, anonymous “fact checkers” were right, and I was proven wrong — world leading vaccination rates clearly did “end the pandemic.” Just look at Iceland:

But back to Canada.
The goal behind the chart of New Brunswick and my tweet about it was to illustrate that high vaccination rates clearly would not be able to “end the pandemic” or prevent record breaking surges, because it was abundantly clear that vaccinated people were easily contracting and spreading COVID — even before Omicron. Those case rates would have been impossible otherwise.
With the data on mask mandates unequivocally settled, along with the glaringly obvious evidence that vaccinated people could get and spread COVID, mask mandates, vaccine passports and vaccine mandates are and have been indefensible.
Every policy has a trade off, and the demonstrable harms from mandating masks, the forced discrimination of vaccine passports, and the trust-destroying vaccine mandates are overwhelming.
We knew they wouldn’t “work” as far back as October, and yet Trudeau has been willing to demonize Canadians and others who don’t agree with policies that never had a chance of success.


Yet another example of the inarguable failure of the COVID policies that Trudeau is defending comes from Quebec, where they imposed vaccine passports on September 1st.
On that date, the province was averaging 65 cases per million each day. By January, that number had reached 1,766 cases per million — a 2,617% increase:

But that’s only part of the story; Quebec has had mask mandates and enacted business closures and capacity limits again this winter:

None of their “interventions” mattered. Cases destroyed all previous records with all of the destructive policies in place.


Unsurprisingly, it’s much the same story in Ontario, with mask mandates, vaccine passports and lockdown measures:

Hospitalizations easily broke records there, well after the vaccine passport policies were put into place.
Cases showed the same trends too:

You obviously can see how important mask mandates and vaccine passports are to slowing the spread.
In one of the starkest admissions of COVID policy failure, and in a dramatic break with Trudeau, Doug Ford, the Ontario Premier, announced they are “done with COVID” .
Amazingly, the media remains desperate to defend Trudeau’s useless mandates. When reporting on Ford’s announcement and factual assertions — that even triple vaccinated people easily get or spread COVID — CTV News added an editorial, highlighted below:

“We are done with it,” Ford said of limits to public activity. “Let’s just start moving on, cautiously. The world’s done with it, let’s just move forward.”
“We just have to be careful, make sure we wash our hands and move forward.”
He suggested there was little value in further rounds of vaccination, pointing out third doses do not provide ironclad protection from infection with Omicron.
“We also know that it doesn’t matter if you have one shot or 10 shots, you can still catch COVID-19,” he said.
“You see the Prime Minister he has triple shots and I know hundreds of people with three shots, who caught COVID-19, we just need to be careful, always make sure we wash our hands and move forward.”
Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Advisory Table estimates a third dose is more than 60 per cent effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection.

With news editorializing like this, you can see how politicians have, for nearly two years, gotten away with mandating seemingly indefinite restrictions.
Whether or not a third dose prevents symptomatic infection is completely irrelevant to whether or not boosted individuals can catch or spread COVID. Preventing symptoms makes vaccination and boosting a personal choice, but if asymptomatic spread is such a concern, as “public health experts” claim, individual symptom reduction isn’t a useful benchmark for outweighing the demonstrable discrimination of vaccine passports.
With media defenders consistently using straw man fallacies to advocate for policy, it’s no wonder Trudeau feels emboldened to continue his unhinged rhetoric.


Yet another example of the futility of COVID policy in Trudeau’s own country is in Alberta, where the province lifted nearly all COVID restrictions in July 2021.
Several weeks afterwards, it was eminently clear that there was no negative impact to ending mask mandates and other interventions:

But naturally, as cases rose again as they’d done in 2020, Alberta’s commitment wavered and they reinstated mandates and added remarkably popular vaccine passports shortly afterwards.
Incredible how powerful media and expert misinformation is, isn’t it?
Fortunately, those incredibly popular vaccine passports and mask mandates completely prevented Alberta from shattering their previous case records over the fall and winter…I’m kidding, of course, none of these policies matter at all:

Literally every single time they are completely and utterly useless. And that doesn’t even include the capacity limits that Alberta’s Premier introduced out of panic and deference to incompetent public health officials. None of it works.

British Columbia

When British Columbia mandated masks in August, the official government reasoning explaining their decision highlighted that it would “reduce transmission” for the fall and winter months.

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