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Gee, I wonder if these things are related. I wonder if Mueller needs time to, um, recalibrate his claims.

So Mueller’s testimony has been delayed a week.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s highly-anticipated Capitol Hill testimony will be delayed one week under a tentative arrangement he reached with House Democrats, according to multiple sources briefed on the discussions.

Although it’s unclear why Mueller’s testimony was delayed until July 24, lawmakers familiar with the matter said one reason was an ongoing negotiation about how much time they would have to question the former special counsel.

It is possible that’s part of the reason — Nadler is trying to limit who can ask Meuller questions, and grandstanding Democrats aren’t happy that they won’t get TV Time.

But I think it might also have to do with Mueller and Nadler gaming out Mueller’s answers to Republican questions about why Mueller insinuated evidence of a Russian government connection to the DNC hack, but then, when rebuked by a judge for insinuating it without providing evidence of it, had to claim they never claimed it at all.

See below.

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