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ISLAMABAD: Investigative journalist Saleem Shahzad was found dead near the Head Rasul area in Mandi Bahauddin, nearly 130 kilometres from Islamabad, after going missing from Islamabad over the weekend.

Police sources said Shahzad’s post-mortem report showed multiple injuries throughout his body. “Liver failure and ruptured lungs could have caused his death,” said an official, confirming there were as many as 15 visible wounds on his body. His ribs were also broken.

The wounds suggested Shahzad was subjected to severe torture which might have caused his death, said a police official who had seen the post-mortem report.
A relative of Shahzad, accompanied by capital police team, confirmed his identity and arrangements were being made to exhume and transport his body back to Islamabad till the filing of this report.

Earlier, his car was recovered from the Serai Alamgir in Jhelum, about six miles from where his body was found.

On Sunday night, Shahzad, Bureau Chief for the Hong Kong-basedAsia Times Online and correspondent for an Italian wire agency, had gone missing after leaving his home for a television interview. His brother-in-law, Hamza Ameer, had lodged a complaint about his disappearance with Margalla police, maintaining that Shahzad had never arrived at his intended destination.

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