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by Deanna Fisher

Behold, a journalist committed an act of journalism against Joe Biden, and for that, he must be shunned. SHUNNED!!! CRY, CRY FOR SHAME!

In one of the largest instances of the Streisand Effect known to modern politics, the attempted censoring of the New York Post‘s Hunter Biden email story by Twitter and Facebook has only driven people to ask real, legitimate questions about exactly what Joe Biden knew and when did he know it – and, did he profit by it?

These are actual questions that an actual journalist should ask.

And then an actual journalist – in this case, Bo Erickson of CBS News – attempted to ask Joe Biden about it. Biden, however, did his usual attack avoidance.

And if you want to know why the state of journalism is in its death throes, just look at the responses by so-called “journalists” and other self-important Twitter blue checks. While some defended Erickson, most either stayed eerily silent, or ripped him for DARING to ask the anointed candidate, Joe Biden, a HARD question. HOW DARE HE.

Ah, the fallback position for any so-called “journalist” during the Trump administration – when in doubt, when things look bad, always scream RUSSIA! It’s like yelling “SQUIRREL!” to a dog, and then hoping the public turns its head.

The level of protectionism surrounding Joe Biden is clearly indicated by just how few among the journalist community are willing to pursue any questions about this story regarding Hunter’s business dealings. If his name were “Hunter Trump” instead of Hunter Biden, the media would be combing through each email and running down every lead. The computer repair shop owner would have been hailed as a “hero of the Resistance.” The demands for down-ballot candidates to respond to the email issue would flood through every single newsroom.

But since the media is all in on protecting Joe Biden the way they protected Hillary Clinton four years ago – remember, we couldn’t ask her hard questions about her healthher emails, or the money she raked in for the Clinton Foundation? – the journalist who dares pose a hard question of Biden and doesn’t work for Fox News or another “right-leaning” outlet is to be shunned as a heretic against the religion of the left.

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This is the kind of questions he can answer:

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