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I kind of understand Stewart’s reaction — it is, in fact, annoying to be accused of bad motives (racism has in fact been defined as the worst possible motive in existence) over things that are, or at least seem, harmless, and without harmful intent.

On the other hand, this jackass is, like Seth Rogen, a reliable cheerleader for SJW attacks so long as they’re directed at other people; only when such attacks are directed at themselves do they suddenly feel that maybe this censorship-by-contrived-hypersensitivity is stultifying, anti-creativity, anti-thought and ultimately anti-human.

But per the rules Jon Stewart inflicts on others: He’s a g*d-damn racist.

In a recent episode of WTF With Marc Maron, former Daily Show writer Wyatt Cenac recalled a moment when host Jon Stewart exploded at him in front of the entire late night show’s staff. It all pertained to Stewart’s imitation of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain; an impersonation that just went too far for Cenac. At the time prior to the 2012 presidential election, Cenac was the only black writer and found Stewar’’s knock on Cain coming from “kind of an ignorant place.”Fox News was already on Stewart’s case over the offensive impression. In response, Stewart was planning a segment entitled “everything I do is racist.” When Cenac heard this, he raised his objection over the whole bit in an email to the Daily Show staff.

…When Cenac emphasized his reservations again during a writers meeting, Stewart blew his lid:

“He got incredibly defensive. I remember he was like, ‘What are you trying to say? There’s a tone in your voice.’ I was like, ‘There’s no tone. It bothered me.’ … And then he got upset. He stood up and he was just like, ‘Fuck off. I’m done with you.’ And he just started screaming that to me, and he screamed it a few times. … ‘‘Fuck off! I’m done with you.’ And he stormed out. I didn’t know if I had been fired,” remembered Cenac.

Even when progressives aren’t actively pushing for censorship, they at the very least claim that we must have a Dialogue about Important Matters of Race and put aside our own biases and assumptions — for white people, I mean; we must set aside our White Privilege — and really listen to oft-silenced voices and really try to understand how the world looks not through our own privileged white eyes, but through the eyes of a minority in a decidedly non-dominant social position.

And what happens when Jon Stewart, the Tribune of the Leftist Soul, Highest Avatar of Leftist Media Smart Power, gets precisely the chance to do just that, to put to practice what is so often preached?

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