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by Don Surber

Jon Stewart fancies himself to be a comedian and media critic. He sucks at both.
He did Comedy Central’s daily show for many years mocking the news. His punchlines usually were some form of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
He went on Crossfire on CNN once and told Tucker Carlson he was hurting America and scolded him for partisan hackery. Boo hoo hoo. It wasn’t funny but it grabbed attention and it fed Stewart’s ego that he is an above-it-all critic of the media.
We could use one of those.
Stewart ain’t it because he is a partisan hack. His latest endeavor is an Apple TV show called The Problem With Jon Stewart and the problem with Jon Stewart is he speaks out 4 years too late to be of any use.
News Busters reported, “On March 17’s edition of The Problem With Jon Stewart, the comedian set his sights on the media as he spelled out how their outdated use of ratings coupled with perverse incentives were driving them into oblivion. And to make this point, Stewart focused on how the media was addicted to the largest story of the Trump presidency: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election, aka the Russia collusion hoax.”
I checked that posting’s date 3 times.
Each time it came up 2022, not 2018 when the Mueller investigation was relevant.
Had Stewart spoken up then, why Republicans might have done better in the midterm election and Nancy Pelosi would never have been speaker again.
Of course, Stewart would have ticked a lot of people in the media off, and he never would have gotten his Apple gig.
But now that Mueller and Trump are off the stage, Stewart knows it is safe to say what he should have said back then.
Stewart blasted the media for treating Mueller like a god on Earth, saying, “You [MFs spent] two years filled with breaking bombshells and urgent explosions and teed up a season finale for the ages. A noose-tightened, closed-walled, family-style jail-gasm. And all we got was a f***ing book report that we had to print ourselves. I owe the producers of Lost an apology. This was the worst finale ever.”
A real man now would take on Fauci or Zelensky. But Stewart is a little boy who makes up with F-bombs what he lacks in courage. So he flogs an old Mueller.
Stewart’s mockery of the media is so old and hackneyed that his mockery itself is the joke.

I read of Stewart’s attack on Mueller and wondered if he will get around to mocking Jussie Smollett next year.
Yes, the media was obsessed with and totally wrong about Mueller. Too late to change that now.
But there are current events that a bold voice can change.
A real man of virtue who tells it like it is would take on the media’s refusal to call Will Thomas out as he broke women’s swimming records.
A real man of virtue who tells it like it is would take on the media’s labeling the protest at the National Mall on January 6, 2021, an insurrection.
100,000 (or more) Trump supporters gathered at the mall. A few hundred entered the Capitol. We now know why they were lured in: to distract attention from the rally.
A real man of virtue who tells it like it is would take on the media’s refusal to question masks, vaxxes and social distancing.

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