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Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker sees great promise in Rep. John Ratcliffe as President Trump’s spy chief, particularly in what he can bring to the so-called “investigation into the investigators.”

During an interview Fox News, Whitaker talked up his former colleague, who over the weekend was picked to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence.

“I think he’s perfectly qualified to do this role. I think he’s a smart and talented individual and he cut his teeth at the Department of Justice,” Whitaker said of Ratcliffe on Monday. “I think he’s perfect for that — straight out of central casting for that role.”

Ratcliffe, a three-term Republican congressman from Texas, served as U.S. attorney at the same time as Whitaker during the George W. Bush administration. His nomination to the role of overseeing the intelligence community has rattled Democrats, who believe he is too inexperienced and blindly loyal to the president. There is uncertainty in whether the nomination will pass the GOP-controlled Senate, where some lawmakers only got their first glimpse of Ratcliffe during his tense grilling of former special counsel Robert Mueller last week.

But Trump allies keenly focused on Attorney General William Barr’s review of the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation have high hopes in Ratcliffe, who has put his prosecutorial skills to good use as a member of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

Whitaker, who briefly oversaw Mueller’s Russia investigation before Barr took the reins at DOJ, said Barr “is the perfect person to turn over every rock” and explained what Ratcliffe could bring to the table as DNI, even if he does not have prosecutorial power.

“What Ratcliffe can do at DNI is he can look at the entire intelligence community and see if there were systemic failures for how these investigations were kicked off and some of the issues with [former Trump campaign adviser George] Papadopoulos and others and how other countries were interacted with,” Whitaker said. “With Barr and Ratcliffe both working these angles, they’re the perfect team.”

Barr’s review is being led by Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney John Durham, and it is examining, in part, the conduct of the Justice Department and the FBI in the run-up to the 2016 election and afterwards.

Over the weekend, hours before it was revealed he was Trump’s pick to replace Coast as DNI, Ratcliffe said during a Fox News interview he believed Obama administration officials committed crimes and expressed confidence in Barr bringing them to justice.

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