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He’s worried about terrorists.

The latest news out of France suggests that open borders advocate John Kerry, a longtime Democrat politician who served as secretary of state from 2013 to 2017, believes using walls to protect people from potential harm is only acceptable when those walls are erected around properties he owns.

Properties like the lavish home Kerry’s family owns in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, an upscale beach resort and commune in northwestern France built for the veritable one percent.

According to an Agence France-Presse report, 90 years ago the grandfather of Kerry and his first cousin Brice Lalonde purchased the Essarts castle in Saint-Briac. It has remained in their family ever since but was reportedly rebuilt as a villa after Nazi soldiers destroyed it during World War II.

Now fast-forward to the present. AFP notes that Kerry himself “has regularly spent time at the estate, most recently joining his relatives to celebrate its 90th year in the family last July.”

Why is this relevant? Because the longtime Democrat politician’s family has been fighting beach-loving hikers over a previously unenforced 1976 law that mandates the public be granted a three-meter right-of-way along every beach, including the beach that runs alongside Saint-Briac.

But for a right-of-way path to be built alongside the commune, the various homes’ property walls would need to be torn down, Kerry’s first cousin complained to AFP.

“The path will impact the well-being of residents by knocking down their walls and ruining their privacy,” he said, adding that he’s also concerned about “terrorist risks.”

Terrorists are known to take advantage of a lack of walls.

No sh*t. It’s always different when it affects a liberal personally. They don’t give a damn about anyone else.

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