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by Ace

They are in full panic mode that rightwing outlets such as the Daily Wire have more influence than the New York Times or Washington Post do, and the solution they propose is the same one they’ve been proposing for the past six years: use social media companies to stifle conservative voices and amplify liberal ones.
And because social media companies’ current censorship regimes aren’t propping up the left enough, they’re now dropping the mask and just demanding the federal government pass laws which effectively steal the right to free speech from conservatives.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
This, right here, is what internet censorship is for. It’s particularly why we have the surreal situation where journalists are not the leading defenders of free speech but the leading crusaders for censorship:Knowing they lost the public’s trust, they need *captive* audiences>

Dan Pfeifer is a former Obama communications thug.
Notice that Keith Olbermann’s — whoops, I actually made that mistake.
Notice that Joe Scarborough’s idea of “getting tough” is just…. fascism.

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