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Deep State prosecutor Jack Smith’s indictment of President Trump in “Mar-a-Lago-gate” were a cover for Joe Biden’s felonious classified document handling violations that the Dept of Justice continues to cover up. The two standards of justice for Democrats and Republicans are obvious. President Trump had complete authority to declassify ANYTHING yet was indicted under the Espionage Act for mishandling the documents that the National Archives and Records Administration authorized him to possess. Meanwhile, Joe Biden had no authority to declassify any classified documents as vice president, yet boxes of documents including classified information were uncovered in various Biden hangouts back in January and February with no indictments from DoJ nor any investigative reporting of those transgressions

Here is what the Washington Examiner reported back in February: “Biden attorneys helped transfer previously unknown ‘boxes’ of files from a Boston law office, emails show. The boxes are mentioned by government archivists coordinating a search of Biden’s Washington, D.C., think tank after classified files were discovered there, according to 74 pages of emails between the National Archives and Biden’s personal attorneys released Friday in a Freedom of Information Act request.

And then there are all the press reports of Biden’s grifts with Ukrainians, Chinese, and others, including the likely conveying of classified information to some of those “business associates,” as noted by Fox News. No Espionage Act indictments for Joe Biden! What a travesty!

Biden learned how to grift by watching the Clintons. He must have thought to himself that anything they could do I can do better, and he’s certainly given it a shot in recent years.

But in the falderol surrounding Biden’s classified documents and grifting scandal(s), let us not forget the queen of classified email scandals and grifter par excellence.


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton signed a non-disclosure agreement governing access to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). In doing so, she acknowledged that there is no statute of limitations for actions that result in compromising TS/SCI information. It is already in the public record since 2016 (!) that she compromised at least 22 TS/SCI emails – almost certainly the leaks that resulted in the deaths of US intel assets in China and Iran. And by virtue of that NDA, she knew what she was doing! Who knows what else she compromised in those and other lesser-classified emails!

We’ll get to that, but first, let us review some important background and context. We’ll use Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine to review some sordid Clinton history. Do you remember that cartoon show? It was one of my staples while growing up (refer to this website).

The Clintons have been grifters from the very beginning. What is a grifter? Someone who uses a confidence game to gain the trust of people in order to defraud them. In the case of the Clintons, they have exploited their political status (their blatant confidence game) to enrich themselves over the decades. I believe this was driven more by Hillary than Bill, as virtually her entire history has been an exemplar of the Seven Deadly Sins – especially envy, greed, and wrath! There are dozens of stories about each over the years in that regard.

Much has been written about how the Clintons have amassed their >$300 million fortune outside the private sector and also about Hillary’s “grifting ways.” Perhaps my favorite is this quote from a 2016 article:

Grifters are not just thieves, but parasites. They generally hijack another person’s accomplishments and use them for personal enrichment. Clinton was married to a President and parlayed this role into a lackluster Senate career, a failed bid for President, a disastrous term as Secretary of State, and now another run where despite having the field cleared for her, is still struggling. Clinton has lived the Way of the Grifter on such a large scale we can recognize the signs from her life. Let us not bemoan the grifters in public life and fail to see them in private life. What is the Way of the Clinton?

  • The grifter rides the ideas or accomplishments of someone else to power.
  • The grifter is brutal to subordinates.
  • The grifter is constantly remaking themselves.
  • The grifter loves building a long list of accomplishments or certifications without doing much with them.
  • The grifter will attack others for the very things she is doing.
  • The grifter will break the rules, but go through four techniques if confronted: denial, attack, minimization, move on.

Undeniably, these characteristics describe Hillary to the proverbial “T”! Let’s take a ride on the WABAC machine and review a chronological list of the more memorable grifts performed by the Clintons (especially Hillary) over time:

  • Cattle futures (1978-9): Hillary as a “commodity trader” (does anyone seriously believe she knows the first thing about commodities trading?)
  • Whitewater: A failed land speculation deal that crashed a large savings and loan association:
  • Asia fundraising scandal (1996): the Lincoln bedroom, White House donor coffees and Buddhist monks for cold, hard campaign cash
  • Chinagate (1996-9): nuclear and technology secrets for campaign cash [Note: how do you think the Chinese caught up to US capabilities in space and in the South China Sea? Bill Clinton gave them a helping hand!]
  • Pardongate (1999-2000): donations collected as probable motives for presidential pardons (more on Marc Rich later!)
  • Their “Golden Tongues” (2000-2016): shocking amounts of money paid for Clintons’ “speeches” [Does anyone seriously believe that what these two had to say is worth a plug nickel?]
  • Foundation favors (2009-2013): the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play back door to the State Department (think about Haiti in that regard for starters)
  • Swedish slush fund (2009-2013): $26 million collected while Sweden was lobbying Hillary’s State Department to forgo Iran sanctions
  • Boeing bucks (2015): Boeing gave big bucks to Clinton causes after Hillary steered its Russian contract at the State Department
  • Uranium One (2009-10): millions from Russia through the Clinton Foundation for uranium rights while Hillary was a member of the Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States (CFIUS)
  • Benghazi gun-running (2011-2012): who got the money for selling Qaddifi’s old weapons stocks to Syria et al?
  • Haitian relief (2010-2012): the Clinton Foundation fleeced and laundered Haitian relief funds after the 7.0 earthquake in 2010:
  • Finally, the Panama Papers (2016) exposed a TON of corruption and international donors to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

That’s an astounding list of grifting activities without there being any accountability whatsoever that are truly unprecedented! And now for some observations:

  • They’ve been grifting from the very beginning. I believe they’ve been envious of successful business people since their days in Arkansas and have a built-in inferiority complex because they’ve never earned any of the money thrown at them over the years.
  • They couldn’t have succeeded without massive enablement from the Deep State. They were “the chosen ones” in much the same way Obama was chosen and groomed for high office.
  • Their grifting schemes got more grandiose and complex over the years – a characteristic of megalomaniacs over time.
  • They purposely skirted US laws and sold out their country for money. Nothing else mattered other than self-aggrandizement and pursuit of personal pleasures (think about their trips to Pedophile Island!).
  • They mastered government corruption and placed allies in the leadership – and federal bureaucracy – over the years who were strategically in positions to protect their interests (e.g., Comey, McCabe, Yates, Nuland, Power, and many others).
  • And they have yet to held accountable for their actions!

Back to Marc Rich’s pardon for a minute. Rich was an “international financier” and commodities trader known for “making controversial oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis.” He was pardoned by Clinton for his federal tax evasion charges . It is almost certain that a primary reason for Rich’s pardon was to engage his “money skills” in helping establish the Clinton Foundation in such a way as to “legally” launder mountains of cash, especially from foreign entities. In short, Rich put the Clintons’ grifting on steroids.

Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine now takes us to the Special Access Program (SAP) compromises associated with Hillary’s email server that came to public attention in 2015. There is no question that there was SAP information on that server. It was clearly reported by Fox News after an IC review by Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough in January 2016.

My own views on which specific SAPs were compromised by Hillary have to do with grifting. First and foremost, Hillary is all about the cash, as accumulation of money (and of course political power from which money can be gained) is her primary motivation in life. Occam’s razor states that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions. I would argue that any SAP info on that server was put there exclusively for the purposes of financial gain, not simply for convenience of access purposes.

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