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By M Dowling

Most people have heard about the stunt by a white and two black Marxist state reps who incited a mob and then shut down the order of business in the legislature to scream about guns. This was only ten days after six Christians were killed, including three young children, a janitor, a substitute teacher, and the head of the Covenant religious school.

Joe Biden didn’t bother to visit the families of the victims because he didn’t have the time. However, on Monday, he will take time to celebrate the Marxist rabble-rousers in the White House. He also had the time to call the Yarl family and invite them to the White House.

The Tennessee Marxists will receive honors at the White House.

Yes, the three Marxists are probably getting awards of some kind. Ignoring the motive of the transgender killer, which has been kept somewhat hidden, Biden is weaponizing the six deaths for political expediency. He wants our guns and is using the murders to claim the GOP won’t do anything about the weapon the deranged trans used.

Yesterday, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked KJP, Biden’s spokesperson, about not visiting the Covenant victims’ families.

Remarkably, she said he can’t since he’s “getting things done.”

“What I can say to you right now is that the President is focused on getting things done. He’s focused on making sure that we are protecting our communities, that we’re protecting our schools, protecting our churches, protecting our grocery stores that people, as we know in Buffalo went to the grocery on a Saturday and got murdered.”

He did have time to call the family of 16-year-old Karl Yarl. The boy was shot by a frightened 84-year-old when Yarl accidentally showed up at his door.

Yarl is also invited to the White House. He was shot and can be weaponized.

Biden used the opportunity to trash his opponents and stir up anger toward them. Biden is highly divisive and hateful.

“Last night, I had a chance to call Ralph Yarl and his family. No parent should have to worry that their kid will be shot after ringing the wrong doorbell. We’ve got to keep up the fight against gun violence. And Ralph, we’ll see you in the Oval once you feel better, Biden Tweeted

One of the things he’s getting done on Monday is riling up his gun control activists and Marxist base. There is always time for politicking in Biden’s world.

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