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by Ace

Nick Arama at RedState:

As I wrote earlier, Joe Biden denied the existence of Antifa, calling it just an “idea” and scoffing when President Donald Trump called it a dangerous group.

He falsely characterized the words of FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was trying to say it was a movement. But Wray also made clear it was real, a threat, and they had many investigations into people who self-identified as Antifa. He also said they were “coalescing regionally into what you might describe as small groups or nodes that are under investigation.” Attorney General Bill Barr also made it clear that Antifa was a real threat. Trump has moved to declare it a terrorist group.

Not only does Biden not seem to even understand the basic reality of Antifa, but he has refused to condemn Antifa by name — despite months of BLM/Antifa violence and rioting. He’s just condemned “violence” in general, which isn’t calling out the people on his own side who are behind it.

Biden wasn’t pressed on his failure by debate “moderator” Chris Wallace, although Wallace asked Trump to condemn white supremacists, something Trump has done repeatedly, just last week declaring the KKK a terrorist organization. Trump is not connected to white supremacists, but Biden is connected to the BLM/Antifa people, some of whom have explicitly said their goal is to get Trump out. Biden has specifically embraced the BLM which has been connected to 91% of the riots. Biden staffers and Kamala Harris have even donated money to a fund to help get people arrested during the riots out of jail. So, where is the media pressing him to disavow these criminal supporters?

In the words of one of my Democratic friends who was trying to figure out what Joe Biden was saying, “If Antifa doesn’t exist, why are they in all these cities? How can they be chanting, ‘Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground,’ if they are not a group?” Exactly. When even Democrats are mystified by Joe’s response, this is where he has a problem.

Read the post. He includes testimonials from on-the-ground reporters who have been repeatedly assaulted by antifa, who can attest it was not an “idea” that gave them concussions and even brain damage, but a group.

Let me make an additional point:

Let’s pretend antifa is just “an idea.”

What is this bullshit that you don’t condemn ideas? Because that’s what Joe Biden is saying: I won’t condemn it because it’s “just an idea.”

But ideas are the one thing we’re supposed to condemn. There is a social admonition against denouncing people or groups. Sure, we do do it, but generally we’re supposed to say we hate an idea, not the actual people who believe it.

There are exceptions. You can hate some people (the people the media says it’s righteous to hate).

But we can always hate hateful ideas. There has never been an ethic that we should refrain from condemning ideas.

Why is Biden refusing to condemn the hateful idea of antifa? Where is the precedent stating that in America, we do not denounce or condemn ideas?

You know what’s also “an idea”? Naziism.

There is (or was) also a Nazi Party, but our attitudes about Naziism, the “idea,” are not dependent on whether there is a heirarchically organized group associated with that idea.

There is obviously no longer any real, WW2 Nazi Party. There are neo Nazi groups, of course, but that’s not the genuine 1940s article.

If someone refused to condemn Naziism claiming the technicality that the WW2 Nazi Party, we’d think he supported Naziism, right?

I mean, what other reason would there be? That very logic is what is animating the “Trump won’t condemn white supremacism so he must favor white supremacism.”

Now, Trump has in fact condemned white supremacists and white supremacism, so that is a flawed syllogism. But the logic is fine — the fault is in false premises.

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