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By Brad Slager

Narratives are shifting with the inconvenience of the early arrival.

It is still early but one suggestion for the theme of this new calendar could be ‘’2021 – the Gaslighting Year’’. We are already being served a number of creatively interpreted news narratives, with one of the newest coming from the absolutely real and legitimate Office Of The President-Elect. Joe Biden has been the oblivious spokesperson of News Brite™, the new alternative to factual reporting. (As seen on TV.) With News Brite™, you can take any uncomfortable series of events and transform them into helpful, even beneficial media items to burnish your image to its original luster!

The latest example surrounds the rollout of the Covid vaccine. This hoped-for salvation has always been a political object, made more so with its arrival in December. Since President Trump began calling for its creation and dispersal last summer the press has been in a constant state of conflict; they were demanding a vaccine be created (while criticizing him for not acting fast enough) but they also needed it to arrive at the right time. If it came to market too early Trump would benefit, and that is an unacceptable result.

Note that when we received not one but two vaccines before year’s end the press worked overtime to spin the news. They avoided any connection to Trump, and praising him for the accomplishment was a non-starter. The efficacy was questioned over its unprecedented rapid R&D timeline, and then they resorted to criticizing the distribution logistics and the numbers of vials being insufficient. Like the rest of 2020, any good news concerning the virus was not allowed.

Now we see the next phase of reinterpretation. The vaccine arrived far too early, when it was expected to be made available during the Joe Biden Presidency, so granting him full credit was no longer going to happen. However, during the past week, the President has become largely muted, so this provides the best opportunity for Joe Biden to step up and begin laying claim to the vaccine for himself.

Not only is Joe stepping up to take credit for the way he handles the vaccine he had no part in getting created, but his minions are already praising him for his meritorious work on the cause. Looking through his comments you are flooded with those from teary-eyed supporters, grateful that he can enact the things the ineffectual Trump could not accomplish. You know, that feckless President who promised there would be a vaccine by year’s end. Trump was actually incorrect on that promise in one regard; we did not get a vaccine before December 31, we got two.

While the media is gearing up to hail the mighty epidemiologist Joe Biden, we should recall the stance these same brilliant medical experts took last year when Trump declared we could get a vaccine before 2020 expired.

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