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By Sister Toldja

There’s a helluva lot of ground to cover substance-wise from President Joe Biden’s first formal press conference, which my RedState colleagues will dive into shortly.

But what I wanted to write about was how he looked appearance-wise during the White House event that he and his handlers oddly spent several days preparing for, including holding a “mock” press conference as well as preparing a three-ring binder he could reference.

Though Biden “joked” yesterday in response to a question about whether or not he was ready for his press conference, how he looked today was no laughing matter at all. There were several points during the presser where he appeared confused and out of it, as the below video of him seeming to forget what he was going to stay in the middle of talking about the filibuster makes clear:

Unlike how they questioned President Trump’s mental health throughout his presidency, mainstream media reporters are very reluctant to call the occasions where Biden has seemed out of sorts as anything beyond merely looking “tired.” NBC News political reporter Jon Allen provides us with a classic example. Note how a mere two questions in, Allen was talking about how Biden was supposedly hitting it out of the park:

13 minutes later, Allen sent this tweet:

“Tired”? Really? We all know what tired actually looks like, and it’s an insult to our intelligence to pass off Biden’s mid-sentence freezes as nothing more than being “tired.”

As I said yesterday, that the leader of the free world essentially had to be shamed into doing a formal press conference two months into his time in the Oval Office should set off alarm bells everywhere. But when you see how things get progressively worse during these events – no matter how tightly staged they are, it begins to make more sense as to why they’re keeping him on leash in carefully controlled settings.

It’s quite terrifying, to be honest, and the more it happens the worse it looks. World leaders seem to be taking notice, too, which makes all of this even more concerning. But Biden IS the POTUS, and he should be expected to be able to appear in public and before the press and be able to coherently answer questions.

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