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Grandpa Joe Biden wants to run the country and save us from coronavirus when he can’t even run a livestream and has no idea what year it is.

On Friday, Grandpa Joe held what his campaign billed as a “virtual town hall” in Illinois. In my colleague Kyle Olson’s must-read reporting on the event, you will discover the whole thing was a fiasco, like something out of a sitcom. Guests appeared and then disappeared. The sound was garbled. People were introduced, followed by an awkward pause when they didn’t appear. Babies cried…

“Biden seemed to be reading from a teleprompter, but the broadcast suffered from severe tech issues, as Biden’s words were caught in a feedback loop, muddying the whole presentation and making the candidate nearly indecipherable,” Olson reported.

After starting two hours late, the fiasco lasted about 45 minutes. For my money, this clip from The Honeymooners, where Ralph and Ed attempt to do a live television commercial, is the funniest thing ever captured on film. Sounds like Grandpa Joe just took that crown.

Technical difficulties, however, are technical difficulties. That doesn’t mean those technical difficulties are not newsworthy. After all, we are talking about a major presidential campaign, about the competency, or lack thereof, of the people hand-picked by Biden to run his campaign. So it is a bit disconcerting that Joe and his staffers were unable to put on the equivalent of a video podcast, something millions of everyday Americans are able to do every day in their basements without a hitch.

But what about Joe’s performance?

How did the 985-yead-old Democrat frontrunner do?

The media tell us that any criticism of Grandpa Joe’s mental acuity is a hoax, is fake news, is a desperate and desperately unfair personal attack…

And then this happens:

“Even I can’t do that for another two years — another year, between now and November … … … or actually, January … …. …. …. …. ….  But to be covered.”

For the Biden-challenged, allow me to lay this out as simply as possible. The date of the livestream was March 13, 2020. The presidential election will take place in November of  2020. The next president will be sworn in in January of 2021…

Did you get that?

Would you like me to type it again slower?

“Even I can’t do that for another two years.” No. There are only ten months between now and the next inauguration.

“…another year, between now and November.” No. There are only eight months between now and November.

“…or actually January.” Why don’t we warm you up some oatmeal and see who’s guest-starring on Matlock with that nice Andy Griffith today?

And then Joe shuffles off to watch Matlock while rambling on about estuaries and international species.

Are Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) really going to do this? Do they really think they can hide this guy for the next eight months? Do they really think they can scream hoax every time his feeble mind and body appear feeble for the next eight months?

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