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by Libby Emmons

The 118th House of Representatives will see the formation of a new select committee, headed by Jim Jordan, to dig into the abuse of power and the Weaponization of Government. This investigative panel will demand emails and correspondence between the Biden administration and big tech companies, and follows the massive revelations that came to light through the recent release of the Twitter Files.
Newly minted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was elected to Speaker after a hard-fought, contentious battle on the House floor last week as power and priority struggles played out in his own party, was asked to form the committee as part of the negotiations that brought him to power, Axios reports. Jordan was one of the 15 members of Congress who nominated McCarthy for Speaker last week, just as many in his party nominated and voted for him.

“The probe into communications between tech giants and President Biden’s aides will look for government pressure that could have resulted in censorship or harassment of conservatives — or squelching of debate on polarizing policies, including the CDC on COVID,” Axios reports.
If government personnel and agencies do not comply, subpoenas are likely to be issued, per a GOP source. The GOP is committed to digging into “the politicization of the FBI,” which not only includes the work done to discredit accurate reporting from the New York Post in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, but the allegations of Russian election interference in the lead-up to the 2016 election.
The use of Biden’s Department of Justice to go after parents who spoke out angrily at school board meetings will be investigated as well. Ohio’s Jordan was instrumental in the discovery that the letter requesting a DOJ investigation into these parents, issued by the National School Boards Association, was actually requested to be written by Merrick Garland’s DOJ in the first place. The head of the NSBA was then given a plum post in the administration.
Biden’s Covid czar Dr. Anthony Fauci will also be a focus of this new GOP investigation. The Twitter Files revealed that social media companies were pressured to toe the Democratic Party line on Covid and Covid treatments.
The concerns over parents speaking out began when a man attended a school board meeting in Loudon County, Virginia, to speak against the school board and school administrators that had covered up the rape of his daughter by another student in the school bathroom. That man was arrested, and his outburst used by the Biden administration to target parents who opposed mandatory masking in schools, pornographic and explicit content, as well as critical race and gender theory.
The Twitter Files showed unequivocally that the Biden administration, as well as those within the campaign leading up to the 2020 election and pro-Biden personnel in federal government, worked to suppress information that would have been detrimental to Biden.

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