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By Missy Crane

My past is in PR and marketing, so I understand a lot about “damage control” and trying to get ahead of the message.

Back in the day, we had a client who was a celebrity chef and he did something so outrageous and vulgar in public, and it was a major race to try and get ahead of the media and public outrage and change the narrative. Sometimes you take the negative and spin it into a positive, but sometimes things are just so bad that the best damage control is to simply say “Sorry, we screwed up and we vow to learn from this and do better.”

With the celebrity chef scandal, we used the negative and successfully turned it into a positive. In the case of the “National Guard” scandal, Team Biden would be smart to do the latter and simply apologize.

But, that’s not what they’re doing.

Instead of addressing how bad this whole mess looked – from the goofy “North Korea-style” installation “inauguration” to treating our troops like dirtbags and housing them in a parking garage, Team Biden now has a real scandal on their hands that’s a lot worse than they realize.

The “National Guard” scandal, while awful on its own, hits at the very heart of why Americans are so angry and distrustful of political elites (and elites in general). There is very much this “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude from elites all the way from Hollywood to DC, and beyond. They are out of touch, self-absorbed, and the contempt they hold for “lowly peasants” is palpable.

This “National Gaurd” scandal is an extension of that mood and mentality and that’s why it has legs. Strong legs.

Once again the “rich elites” are shitting on the middle-class…and the Biden response to this mess?

Have Jill Biden stand outside like a dunce with a basket of two dozen cookies for 30K troops as a way to say “thank you.”

I mean, you can’t make this kind of clueless arrogance up.


This is how little the elites think of the middle-class and the people who protect them.

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