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Jerry Jones has decided to put an end to the Cowboys’ anthem/flag protests.

Benching players for national-anthem protests? Or will Jerry Jones go so far as to forfeit games? “If we are disrespecting the flag,” the Dallas Cowboys owner said after yesterday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, “then we won’t play, period.”

In response — once again deciding her job was political agitation on behalf of Civil Rights, Inc. — Jemele Hill called for going after the Cowboys’ advertisers.

In fact, she specifically called for boycotting the advertisers of a team which itself is a partner of her network ESPN, through their MNF contract with the NFL:

Maybe someone from the NFL or ESPN told her that someone working for ESPN, the NFL’s broadcasting partner, should not be calling for an advertiser boycott against the Cowboys — especially given that large chunks of America are one hot minute away from boycotting ESPN’s advertisers — because fourteen hours later Jamele Hill said she wasn’t calling for a boycott of the Cowboys’ advertisers when she explicitly called for a boycott of the Cowboys’ advertisers:

Pretty neat– going from “boycott his advertisers” to “I’m not advocating an NFL boycott.” I guess she could mean she’s not advocating an NFL boycott — just a boycott of Dallas and maybe Miami too.

Well, these Social Justice Warriors sometimes go too far, even for ESJWPN, and they’ve announced that this non-talent loudmouth is now suspended for two weeks.

Speaking of, Colin Kaepernik reportedly said over the weekend that if the NFL gives him another chance, he’ll stand for the anthem. But then he said that report was a lie. And the reporter now says it wasn’t discussed.

As John Sexton remarks: This doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Maybe Kaepernik just realized that the odds of him being signed were too low to justify a craven walk-back. Or maybe he realized that the odds the NFL will even survive his stunt are decreasing:

From the end of August to the end of September, the favorable ratings for the NFL have dropped from 57 percent to 44 percent, and it has the highest unfavorable rating — 40 percent — of any big sport, according to the Winston Group survey provided exclusively to Secrets.
Worse for football, which was already seeing lower TV ratings and empty stadium seats, the month of protests and complaints about them from President Trump drove core fans, men 34-54, away, the most significant indicator that NFL brass aren’t in touch with their base.

The Winston Poll from the Washington-based Winston Group found that the attitude of those fans went from an August rating of 73 percent favorable and 19 percent unfavorable to 42 percent favorable and 47 percent unfavorable, a remarkable turn against the sport.

According to the poll analysis, “more critically for the NFL, the fall off in favorables occurred among important audiences. Among males, NFL favorables fell 23 percent, going from 68 percent to 45 percent. In looking at a more specific audience, males 34-54, NFL favorables fell 31 percent, going from 73 percent to 42 percent. Among this group the NFL has a surprising negative image, as it went from +54 percent in August to -5 percent in September.

Hit the link to see the favorability of the brand of other pro and college sports. Spoiler alert: They’re a lot better than the NFL’s.

Pro-Tip to corporations: Social Justice Warriors do not care about the health of your company. They only care about perverting your company into becoming a propaganda mill for their hard-left agitation.

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