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by Ace

Yes this is really their new spin, and their Blue-Check NPC Minions are all repeating today’s Talking Point.
Because of course they are. They are NPCs. They cannot speak but the words that their programmers have written for them. They are not human as you and I would understand it; the closest analogue would be the organic-biology Replicants from Blade Runner. (Which were inspired by Philip K. Dick’s contemplation of the average workaday Nazi death camp employee — humans without any capacity for thought or inner reflection, biological human beings without a soul — mere robots following directives.)


Noted Chinese Spy F***er and National Security Risk Eric Swallowell offered a similar spin last week, claiming that it is really the Democrats who support the police, while the Republicans “are rolling with the cop-killers.”

Meaning, the 4 Hour Insurrectionists. The ones who did not kill Michael Sicknick.
Maybe his Chinese handlers told him to say that.
I’m sorry, why is this Likely Chinese Agent permitted to remain on the Foreign Services Committee?
I don’t know why Jen Psaki and Eric Swallowell feel the need to spin — isn’t it the Democrat/Media/Corporate Overlord position that any claims of a crime spike are racist misinformation?

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