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by Cristina Laila

It is clear that Liz Cheney and her January 6 Committee trotted out an unknown assistant to Mark Meadows to smear Trump with lies and gossip.
Cassidy ‘Smollett’ Hutchinson on Tuesday testified that Trump was aware January 6 rally attendees had weapons and were wearing body armor.
She also claimed that Trump lunged at a Secret Service Agent as he shouted demands.
Hutchinson said Trump reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel when SS agent Bobby Engel grabbed Trump’s arm and took his hand off the steering wheel.
Hutchinson then claimed that Trump lunged at secret service agent Bobby Engel and suggested the former president grabbed the agent’s neck area.
The Secret Service denied the report and the agents are ready and willing to testify.
NBC News White House Correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted–
This woman has no credibility.
When that didn’t work out, she turned on Trump and smeared him with lies.
Hutchinson absurdly claimed Trump angrily threw his lunch when he learned then-AG Bill Barr said the DOJ found no evidence of election fraud.
She also claimed Trump threw dishes several times and flipped tablecloths.

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