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As everyone fixates on possible Trump indictment, a massive scandal is rocking the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial.
For 2nd time this month, Judge Kelly has suspended the jury trial amid evidence of FBI misconduct.
Today the jury was supposed to hear from a defense witness who presumably would testify there was no PB plan to overthrow the government on Jan 6.
But prosecutors waited until last minute to inform defense the witness worked as an FBI informant during the entire investigation
Defense says this is just the latest in a string of attempts by DOJ to withhold, conceal evidence related to numerous (at least 10) FBI informants.

Just when you think DOJ can’t get any dirtier–
New motion just filed by defense in Proud Boys trial accusing DOJ of using an FBI informant to spy on and infiltrate the defense team

Holy sh*t this is beyond dirty.
DC US Attorney Matthew Graves’ office notified defense team TODAY that a defense witnesses has been an FBI informant since the BEGINNING of the case thru start of trial.
“The CHS participated in prayer meetings with…the defendants’ families.”

This is starting to sound worse than Whitmer fednapping hoax.
Graves’ office continues to mislead court and defendants about actual number of FBI informants (CHS).
Could be dozens as far as anyone knows.

Motion filed by public defender for Zachary Rehl. Rehl is the nonviolent defendant denied bail for 2 years by Judge Tim Kelly.
Hernandez today asked Kelly to reconsider Rehl’s incarceration since he has a daughter he’s never held since she was born after he was arrested.

As I reported a few weeks ago, FBI caught red-handed spying on Rehl’s communications with his then-attorney. DOJ continues to argue those communications are not privileged bc Rehl is behind bars. Also appeared FBI sharing that info with lead prosecutors:

The FBI agent squirmed on the hot seat.
Confronted with messages the Justice Department attempted to conceal, Nicole Miller, one of the lead FBI investigators assigned to the Proud Boys case, was on the verge of admitting that the FBI monitored privileged communications between one defendant and his attorney in 2021.
“It appears so,” Miller responded when asked by defense attorney Nicholas Smith on March 8 to confirm she and another agent discussed the content of emails exchanged between Zachary Rehl, one of five Proud Boys currently on trial for seditious conspiracy, and his former lawyer.
Smith read aloud one of Miller’s texts: “I need to find other emails, but this one email definitely indicates that they want to go to trial, But don’t freak out, Jason and Luke.”
Smith turned to Miller. “Now, ‘Jason,’ you understand to be referring to the prosecutor in this case, Jason McCullough. Correct?”
But jurors never heard an answer. After prosecutors loudly objected, Judge Timothy Kelly abruptly dismissed the jury. He informed jurors that he wanted “to press pause, as we sometimes do when an objection hits,” and reconvene the morning of March 9.
But that didn’t happen either.

So prosecutors knew back in December that defense planned to call this person as a witness. For 3 months, not only did Graves’ office refuse to disclose the witness was an FBI informant, the individual continued to work as an informant, spying on defense, during trial prep.
More from Proud Boys trial this week.
Judge Kelly quashed a defense subpoena (all under seal including hearing) of a key defense witness who threatened to plead the 5th.
Ken Lizardo was deeply involved with the Proud Boys but hasn’t been charged. Why? You guessed it…

Lizardo actually picked up Tarrio from jail then drove him to the garage for infamous meet-up with Stewart Rhodes (Oath Keepers) the day before Jan 6.
One would think his testimony would be crucial for the jury to hear. But they won’t thanks to Judge Kelly


“Reporting relationship with the FBI” is one nice way of putting it.
Lizardo was an informant who now claims he could be charged by DOJ for his participation in Jan 6 and must protect himself from potential prosecution.


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