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By D. Parker

What are the odds Gavin Newsom will replace Dianne Feinstein with Michelle Obama to start Obama’s real return to the White House?  Barack Hussein Obama wants to finish off the country with a fraudulent fourth term with Michelle as the ‘president’, starting her run by being appointed to replace Dianne Feinstein.

Consider the visible manifestations of the intrigue taking place behind the scenes of the fascist far left the past few days.  One is the sudden re-emergence of Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle (aka ‘Big M’) along with a tug of war within the ranks of the authoritarian collectivists on what to do about Senator Feinstein.

Meanwhile, Mr. Demented Disaster, himself the head of Team Wrecking Ball, is gearing up for another ‘run’ at pretending to be president. It is almost entirely obvious to everyone that it shouldn’t even be close. Frankly, at this point, it shouldn’t matter if it’s Ron or Don, Team Freedom could run a pastrami on rye and still win with Biden as the opponent with 4 years of disaster under his belt.

We’re presenting this case simply because it’s better to be forewarned of danger and to pre-puncture this little party balloon they have planned. After all, they would love to spring this on everyone as a ‘wonderful’ surprise.  If we’ve already predicted and discussed this little trick, it’ll take some wind out of their sails.

In our day-to-day work, engineers generally look at the initial conditions of a system and apply the appropriate rules of physics to predict what is going to happen with a system and more importantly, what to do about it.

Thus, we can apply the same kind of logic to politics to predict what is going to happen in the future.

The ‘initial conditions’ are that the Obamas are acting as Bill and Hillary Clinton when she was gearing up for a presidential run.  Logical reasoning also helps inform us as to what the far left will do given the current state of affairs and their default predilection for prevarication.  So, let’s consider these events as puzzle pieces and see how they fit together in predicting what is going to happen next, given previous events of a similar nature.

Michelle Obama made a rather odd and disturbingly familiar statement in an interview with Gayle King on “CBS Mornings” back on Apr 20, 2023. Colion Noir, referenced this in one of his videos: Michelle Obama Says We’re The Only Country With Unfettered Access To Guns & It’s Not A Good Thing

During one point in the original interview, marked on the timeline as the most replayed, she references their issues with our common-sense civil right of self-defense, parroting the tired old line ‘enough is enough’ saying:

“we wondered that throughout our entire presidency.” 

Did you catch that? ‘we wondered that throughout our entire presidency.

Those of you that remember the bad old days of Comrade Clinton’s presidential aspirations, will recall that she expressed things similarly. Making it sound like it was a “co-presidency” of sorts.  As though Michelle had been a full partner in the effort ‘our entire presidency,’ when that was not the case. She used the phrase ‘we wondered’ as though she was in some sort of mind meld with Barack Hussein.  History teaches us what happened next.

Comrade Clinton set up the pattern of becoming a senator of one of the larger socialistic states and then running for the top spot as though she was already experienced in the job.  The national socialist media would also play a game of taking the latest utterance of a prominent member of the Demo-Nazi party that Comrade Clinton should run as a ‘Stop the presses’ moment. Cynically exploiting its propaganda value for a day or two and then repeating the cycle when another far-leftist would make the same type of ‘proclamation.’

Former presidents are supposed to exit the stage and leave it to their successors. Obama broke that mold, staying behind the scenes, to a certain extent much like a puppet master.  We aren’t certain who’s been controlling the demented leader of Team Wrecking Ball.

However, many are guessing it’s Barack Hussein himself.

But, now that seems to have changed; the Obamas are looking for a bigger role in events. Appointing Michelle as senator as a launching platform for the presidency might be just what Barack Hussein is looking for.

You also have to consider that the Dems have few other choices; they have no bench or people that are even likable or decent.  That’s why they have to constantly point fingers at the pro-freedom right. They can pretend that they can be ‘successful’ at rerunning the 2020 playbook, but the people are sick of the COVID scam and no matter how much they try to distract, the fact is that the Biden regime has been an unmitigated disaster for the country.

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