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by Jim Treacher

For almost two years now, we’ve had propaganda pounded into our heads every waking moment:
“Wear a mask. Yes, we know we told you at first that you shouldn’t wear a mask, but never mind all that. Get your shots, which will keep you from getting sick or spreading the virus, unless of course you still get sick and/or spread the virus. Look, forget about our assertions of absolute truth yesterday, and just focus on our directly contradictory assertions of absolute truth today. You will listen to us, and the more we flip-flop and pretend we haven’t, the more you will trust us. If you don’t, you’re a Nazi fascist insurrectionist who probably loves Trump, and we’ll get you fired and ruin your life.”
Believe it or not, this message has not worked. People are not convinced. And the more they’re scolded, the more they dig in their heels.
Now there are cracks in the facade. We’re hearing it from Democrat politicians across the country:




And even from Democrat politicians who pretend to be doctors:


NOTE: The science hasn’t changed. Not since yesterday, anyway. No, the politics have changed.
When Democrats finally say the same thing Republicans have been saying for months or years, it’s good. Even though it’s still bad when Republicans say it. The exact same message is good and bad at the same time, depending on which political party is delivering it:

Yesterday’s ban-worthy “misinformation” becomes today’s conventional wisdom. And then they wonder why we don’t trust them.
Journos and other Democrats hope that by the time the November elections roll around, we’ll have forgotten what they’ve done to us.

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