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Talk radio host Laura Ingraham re-iterated her challenge to debate Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and criticized him for securing his property while demanding the US allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country on Monday.

“In the end, borders work for these guys. Right, I would not want to be on [Facebook board member] Marc Andreesen’s household staff if I forgot to close the front gate on the mansion…estates can have gates, and perimeters, the integrity of those borders will be maintained by cameras and personnel when it comes to their own home life, but in the United States of America, we’re not really allowed to do that” she said.

She later asked Zuckerberg, “why don’t you do what, I think in your heart of hearts, you prefer America to do why don’t you just drop the security systems, drop the gates, get rid of the gates and let anyone in that who want to come in and live there?…Why don’t people get to connect in his house, where he lives? Anyone that wants to go be with Mark Zuckerberg can be with Mark Zuckerberg. How far do you think a trespasser would get into the Zuckerberg compound? Would they get amnesty, if they tried to breach his security, would they receive a slap on the wrist? Would it be ‘catch and release,’ would he favor a ‘catch and release’ policy?… Then don’t tell us that, as a nation, we can’t have the same type of territorial integrity that you maintain in your own home setting.”

Breitbart Video at the link.

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