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Note that these people are “forced” to move from their luxury Manhattan condos to their luxury Hamptons vacation homes due to the maladministration of DeBlasio and Cuomo, who the New York Times enthusiastically support.

The New York Times could write about the people trapped in New York City because they don’t have luxe vacation homes, but nah, let’s just write about our extremely wealthy privileged white friends, and encourage the Lower Orders to cry about their plight.

These very wealthy left-liberals know some New York Times reporters — who travel in the same circles —so their change of residence gets turned into a New Trail of Tears.

When the pandemic slammed into New York City in March, Sally Fischer, a lifelong Manhattanite, assumed she would take refuge with her family in their apartment in Columbus Circle. But in May, Ms. Fischer, her husband, Elliott Upton, and their 22-year-old son, Jack, picked up and moved to their weekend home in Southampton.

…Ms. Fischer, whose company, Sally Fischer Public Relations, represents entertainment, food and fashion clients, is working remotely. She has filled her home with many of the career treasures that once adorned her now-vacant Manhattan office, including a poster of Jeremy Irons, her longtime client, in the movie “Moonlighting,” and a pencil holder and paper tray she bought years ago in Florence.

As the specter of a confusing fall looms, with the pace and methods of how businesses and schools will reopen still murky, New Yorkers lucky enough to own second homes have begun embracing those places with newfound devotion and are converting them into their primary homes — at least for the foreseeable future.

Look how terrible times are for them:

…While living full-time in places that usually get much less wear and tear, these homeowners share many of the same difficulties as anyone dealing with the coronavirus lockdown — working in communal spaces where their children now are present 24-7, discovering items in their homes that need updating, and then renovating a home while they are living in it. In addition, these homeowners must adjust to living in relatively unfamiliar towns, often far from friends, family, or creature comforts like a favorite bagel shop or longtime barber.

Are you kidding me?

Are you, as British people say, taking the fucking piss, mate?

…Michelle Smith, who lives on the Upper West Side, decamped for her weekend home in the Hudson Valley with her son in March, when the pandemic was just beginning to take root in Manhattan. The house, located in the town of Newburgh, is large with a pool, “a family compound meant for entertaining — not work,” said Ms. Smith, who is the chief executive of Source Financial Advisors, a boutique wealth management company.

As the British say: This is the absolute limit.

“I’m working more than normal, and there is no downtime,” Ms. Smith said. “I used to leave the office and go to Starbucks for a vanilla latte, or just take a walk around the block. Now, if I want coffee I have to walk by my son into the kitchen, so there is no break between work and being a mom.”

Literally millions of people are forced out of work by policies the New York Times champions but the Times also wants you to shed some tears for this woman who has more work than ever — because she can’t go out to get a Starbucks vanilla latte.

Now, the next part is going to read so absurd you’re going to think I made it up.

But I did not make it up.

This is real.

This is completely 100% real.

Ms. Smith spends her days working from her bedroom — locking the door when she doesn’t want to be disturbed � while during the school year, Dylan attended classes on Zoom from the butler pantry.

Even in These Trying Times, there are some Small Miracles provided by God, of course:

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