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Well in today’s Neanderthal update, cases in science & mask following Michigan, New York & New Jersey are now 333% higher than Mississippi & Texas
Since 3/3, Neanderthals are down -49%, science is up 60%
Remember, they don’t ever have to be right..they just have to say it works

For over four months now New York has had higher case rates than Florida.
Only one of these states received overwhelming expert criticism that was never questioned or revisited & only one of these Governors has faced inaccurate hit pieces in national media.
Wonder why that is!

A special congratulations goes out to California for finally reaching Florida’s level again after four months of reporting more new deaths every day despite unending mask mandates, double masking recommendations, school closures and a stay at home order
Doing what we know works!

Two weeks ago, Arizona, to overwhelming local criticism, removed all county level mask mandates and rolled back nearly all restrictions on businesses. Nevada and California didn’t, and yet their numbers are the exact same.
How many more times does this need to keep happening?

Arizona’s followed the same curve as California and Nevada that haven’t removed their mandates. It’s an incredible feat of media incompetence and purposeful gaslighting that none of this is brought up when asking health leaders what their evidence is for claiming mandates work.
Currently, Arizona ranks 44th in the US in case rate over the past week…that is 678% lower than Michigan, which still has its mask mandate in place.
But none of this matters, because “health leaders” say it works, so it must work. Yay science!

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