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By MoA

When in 2018 the royal thugs send by the Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman killed the Qatari lobbyist Jamal Khashoggi the Democrats made a huge issue out of it.
That was mainly because Khashoggi, a life long Muslim Brother propagandist, had been a columnist at the Washington Post where he published under his own name op-eds which were written in the Qatari embassy. Later the Qatari’s used his death to intensify their anti-Saudi agitation.
Biden needed the Post’s support and joined the Qatari campaign.

“We were going to in fact make them pay the price, and make them in fact the pariah that they are,” Biden said of the Saudi government during a presidential debate in November 2019.”They have to be held accountable,” Biden added.

The problem with such statements of ‘values’ is that – in the end – necessities will win. Biden needs lower oil prices to raise the chance for the Democrats to at least keep a majority in the House.
The Senate is already lost as Senator Joe Manchin, despite being a nominal Democrat, is blocking most things the Democrats wanted to achieve.
On Friday Biden’s flight to Riyadh was less dramatic than the humiliation of Canossa but still significant. He was greeted at the airport by only a minor prince. When president Trump had first arrived in Riyadh he had been greeted by the Saudi king.


At their first meeting clown prince Mohammad bin Salman had visibly fun with the humiliation of Biden.


The next day, when the other rulers of the Golf Cooperation Council arrived, MbS was at the airport and greeted everyone in person.
That he defeated the U.S. president like this has won MbS a lot of new prestige in the Gulf region and beyond.
As for more oil … none will be coming.

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