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And he’s sickly and physically degenerated to boot.

His mental degeneration and physical frailty are so obvious that even his most partisan corporate media activists aren’t hiding it. Alex Wagner, the blogger turned “reporter,” Given #AllTheJobs because she’s a #Marginalized pyrsyn, just straight up says that all Democrats are hoping for from Biden is that he manage to simply not die, and only offer a “corporeal presence.”

But the urgency of her plea indicates she thinks the odds that Biden will be able to clear this low bar are quite low.

And I agree.

Joe Biden has been hiding out, concealing his physical and mental frailty from voters. His absence was so notable that #WhereIsJoe trended on Twitter, and even leftwing commentators were noting his suspiciously long absence combined with his confidence-sapping (pseudo) return.

Biden’s so determined to hide his deteriorated mind from the public that he’s literally offering a Doctor’s Note to get out of the April debate with Sanders, claiming that he can’t debate because of coronavirus.

At Hot Air, Jazz Shaw says it’s time to admit the obvious and say that Joe Biden is neither mentally nor physically capable of being president.

You can watch the wheels come off of his presentation in this video that Breitbart posted to their Twitter feed. Things seemed to be going fairly normally for a little while as Biden obviously recites some remarks while reading them off the teleprompter. But then the prompter obviously must have failed. At that point, Joe went to full ramble mode. The video is only a bit more than thirty seconds in length, but it feels a lot longer. Frankly, it’s pretty uncomfortable to sit through, but make sure you have the sound on for this:

This is about as close as we can get to a transcript of Biden’s remarks falling into disarray.

“And uh, and, and in addition to that, uh, and in addition to that, we have to, uh, make sure that we, uh, we are in a position that we are, well, lemme, lemme go a second thing. I’ve spoken enough on that”

Jazz Shaw notes that there seems to have been a teleprompter slowdown, but also point out that this was a canned speech, prewritten and prerehearsed. Joe Biden did not pull an Ambush Interview on himself. He should have retained some vague memories about what the real people behind his campaign had written for him to recite like a decrepit puppet.

That was his prewitten appearance.

He then did remote appearances with the most leftwing, friendly “journalists” possible — Fake Jake Tapper and Niccole Wallace.

Watching him was painful.

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