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Ace @ Ace of Spades HQ:

Oh, right. Romney’s good at the ground game.

Forgot about that.

In five battleground states the for which the Globe was able to analyze registration data, Democratic registration increased by 39,580 voters, while Republican registration increased by 145,085.

The Democrats contend that they did such a great job of signing up Democrats in 2008 that there aren’t many unregistered ones to sign up. Okay, maybe. But at least we’re cutting into that.

Now there’s also de-registering from a party.

Are Obama’s voters happy with their current registration?

The Globe cited a study released earlier this week by Third Way, a left-leaning think tank, that showed Democratic registration down 800,000 people in eight battleground states and Republican registration down by 80,000 in those same states. Independent registration, on the other hand, has grown by nearly half a million voters in those states.

We lost 80,000; they lost 800,000. The swell of independents almost certainly came from Democratic ranks.

Does that surprise you, Mitt Romney?

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