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Red Alert Politics:

The anti-everything activist group Code Pink loudly crashed a Senate hearing on ISIS Tuesday, prompting the committee chairman to tell the rowdier members to get lost.

Protestors gathered near the witnesses chanting “no more war” as the meeting was gaveled into order Tuesday morning. One member of the anti-war contingent then stood in the aisle and interrupted Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel as he read his testimony.

“You’re acting very warlike, yourself,” Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the committee presiding over the hearing, said to her as she exited the room at his request.

Individual protestors continued to approach the dais holding signs and shouting such anti-war language as, “It’s the U.S. intervention that opened the way for ISIL.” Levin repeatedly banged his gavel and looked over his glasses at the rabble-rousers as law enforcement escorted them out.

“We would ask all of you to avoid these kinds of outbursts. They’re not doing anyone any good, including hearing what this testimony is, and they’re not doing you and whatever your cause is any good, either,” Levin said, before being interrupted by another protestor, this one holding a piece of paper reading “Don’t take ISIL war bait.”

An annoyed but controlled Levin used the phrase “We’re asking you nicely …” on repeated occasions to urge demonstrators from the hearing.

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