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If you’re wondering why so many young people are mired in despair, futility, and occasionally violent nihilism, try listening to the Democrat presidential field babbling for 7 hours about how humanity is a virus that must be culled to save the Earth.
Remember, the Left controls education with an iron grip. Today’s young people are subjected to years of indoctrination in the insane anti-human ideology you heard the Democrats vomit at the CNN town hall. They are constantly told the Earth is suffering from human overpopulation.

It’s a perspective hammered into the heads of young people by the Left with many tools, from worshiping abortion as a pseudo-religions sacrament to radical environmentalism. Every aspect of the Left’s ideology views humans as a problem to be controlled and reduced.
The most baffling thing is that so many people are baffled that young people are depressed, fearful of the future, and reluctant to marry or have children. This garbage is pumped into their skulls as soon as Democrats get hold of them in schools.
Anti-humanism is deeply entwined with anti-capitalism. A core belief of the Left is that human freedom is dangerous and only the elites can be trusted to make important decisions. You can’t believe the junk pushed by a Warren or Sanders without a very dim view of the common man.

The history of eugenics theory polluting the left-wing mind is not just a historical “gotcha” to knock the halo off Margaret Sanger. The Left still deeply believes the human herd must be controlled and culled. They’ll say so explicitly if prodded on abortion or environmentalism.

The Left designed its own substitute religion long ago – pushed as though it were “science” to flatter their intellectual vanity – and it makes human life subordinate to the needs of the nature deity. Primitive humans are better than modern man because they’re closer to nature.

Well, one of the defining characteristics of primitive people is that they die young. You can’t instruct children to loathe modernity and demand a more primitive lifestyle, subject to the whims of wind and sunshine, without presenting human life as corrupt and rapacious.

I suspect people who don’t have children, or don’t closely monitor what their kids are taught in school, don’t realize how deeply this anti-human rot has set in. You listen to Democrat environmental extremism in stunned disbelief; your kids nod along, hearing nothing new.

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