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by Joy Pullmann

It’s not only reasonable but required to ask at the outset of leftists’ 1/6 “Truth Commission”: How much of what led to Donald Trump supporters “storming the capitol” was a setup?
BuzzFeed recently revealed the alleged Gov. Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping plot” was instigated and coordinated by FBI informants who collected a handful of malcontents as an apparent cover story for manufacturing a “domestic terrorism plot” to foil in front of the cameras. There’s plenty of evidence this kayfabe is not just an isolated incident but the way the security state really does business. As the un-FOIA-able DC Capitol Police establish cross-country beachheads in Florida and California and prepare to deploy U.S. military surveillance tech used on insurgents in Afghanistan, it’s well past time to start shutting this Hydra down.
It is well-established by now that U.S. intelligence agencies use informants, lies, and leaks to frame people, causes, and political opponents of the regime. This is so well-established that it would be surprising if the one Capitol riot Democrats are pursuing did not include FBI or other federal spy state provocateurs. And if that’s the case, then our country is in deep, deep sh-t.
This Is What These Agencies Do
For readers who have been under a rock for the last five years, let’s review just the recent highlights of spy agency, Democrat, and media collusion that would lead one to suspect the Jan. 6 events as part of this pattern.
Russiagate is the prime example. This was designed to make Americans believe that if Donald Trump won in 2016, his presidency was illicitly installed by foreign actors. It was a complete fabrication of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, in collusion with the Obama White House, and highly successful. It dragged the nation on a five-year goose chase costing billions of dollars and hamstringing the national government — not coincidentally during a rare, ill-used, and short-lived span during which Republicans controlled both Congress and the presidency.
In this wildly successful information operation, Democrats used federal surveillance and police state powers to spy on a president from the opposing political party and then prevent him from exercising the constitutional powers granted to him by voters, smearing him along the way with false and outrageous allegations (“pee-pee tapes,” “Manchurian candidate”) that also helped cost Republicans the next two elections by driving his negatives sky-high.

Top intelligence officials lied under oath to Congress and fabricated evidence for this operation, and none have been brought to justice. Many are getting quite comfortable pensions or post-Trump CNN sinecures. This election-rigging conspiracy included not only top national security and intelligence officials but also reached all the way up to President Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden.
Russiagate Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
We have public documentation of U.S. spy agencies using their massive powers for political purposes far beyond Russiagate, without any serious retaliatory action taken by Congress. Clearly, Congress’s habit of useless showboating and taking insane Democrat allegations at face value only has encouraged graver abuses.
Since this is an article and not a book, let’s just do a non-comprehensive list to further illustrate this is a pattern of military-industrial authoritarian behavior not at all limited to Russiagate.
2011: It’s revealed in court documents that the Obama administration FBI was spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen and the Associated Press. The government accused Rosen of “espionage” for reporting critically on the administration, which was reportedly paging through Rosen’s private Gmail account and phone logs with his parents.
October 2011: “[T]he Obama administration secretly changed longstanding policy to create a ‘loophole,’ according to Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, allowing the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct ‘backdoor searches’ of U.S. citizens’ domestic communications. Previously, NSA spying was publicly believed to be confined to foreign terrorist threats and foreign territory.”
2012: CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson’s work computer and personal devices were hacked and surveilled, likely by federal agents using their spy powers to sabotage her reporting on the Obama administration Fast and Furious scandal. Litigation over the abuse of power is still ongoing today, and implicates Department of Justice official Rod Rosenstein.
2015: Obama administration caught using the NSA to spy on members of Congress with the goal of neutering opposition to its Iran deal.
September 2017: Obama national security advisor Susan Rice, now Biden’s Domestic Policy Council director, admitted she used NSA surveillance powers to spy on Trump and incoming Trump administration officials up to a year before he took office.

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