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The Republican establishment is sitting back, resting on their laurels. They are entirely convinced that Joe Biden will be the next president and they will control the Senate. These Republican quislings are sadly mistaken. If Republicans don’t act now to make the case before the American people and the Federal court system that the election has been improperly stolen, the Democrats will easily steal three more Senate seats.

First, they will find the ballots necessary to defeat Thom Tillis in North Carolina. Then, they will move to steal two more Senate seats in the upcoming Georgia runoffs using the same method they used to push Joe Biden into the lead in the corrupt Democrat counties in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. How will they do this? It’s quite simple. They will manufacture hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots in Fulton County ahead of time. Then, they will wait until all other counties report so they can calculate how many votes they will need to win. After sending home poll watchers and Republican lawyers, they will find the magic number of ballots needed to unseat Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler in Georgia.

Commentor Granville Alley explains:

The Republican Party is basically feckless and cowardly generally and the American People must hold the Republican Congress and Senate and State Legislators to their duty to preserve and protect the Constitution of the USA. If Mitch McConnell thinks he will remain as Majority Leader he is sadly mistaken. The two Georgia Seats will both be lost by Voter Fraud in Runoff Election and the NC Seat will be stolen as soon as the State of NC resumes counting fraudulent ballots. Mitch will then be Minority Leader and the Republic will become a Democrat Socialist Totalitarian State.

Be sure to read his full comment as it is extremely instructive.

In North Carolina, they have six more days to come up with a net of 100K ballots to knock off Thom Tillis, and only net 80K to knock of President Trump. This is mere child’s play, as they likely already have the ballots filled out, and will give themselves a comfortable margin of a few hundred thousand ballots in case of a recount.

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