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The desperation of U.S. liberals to find some truth in the claims that Donald Trump’s campaign staff colluded with Russian state actors is approaching infinity. 

This dossier was compiled by Christopher Steele and sold to the Clinton Campaign as opposition research by Fusion GPS.  McCabe stonewalled the HIC on this matter but couldn’t point to anything in the dossier that the FBI verified to be true other than publicly-known knowledge of Carter Page visiting Moscow in 2016.

And the last time I checked (as least for now) visiting Moscow is not a crime.

Neither is what Michael Flynn did a crime either, but let’s not bring facts in to dash the hope of the terminally insane.

McCabe has to stonewall on this issue otherwise he and the rest of the FBI are guilty of acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to assist in spying on her political opponent.  Because that’s where all of this leads if people would take their ideological blinders off for five seconds and look at what we actually know as opposed to what we ‘just know to be true.’

Everyone involved in this sordid affair should be tried for espionage and treason.

Those prominent liberals running around protesting the mere thought of Donald Trump shutting down the Mueller investigation to ‘protect the sanctity of our elections’ are a bunch of simpering morons.

And I’m sick to death of the blatant and rank hypocrisy when it comes to election fraud in this country.

For this reason alone, the Mueller investigation should be shut down.

The Stupid Show

Look, anyone taking the rumor seriously that Donald Trump was close to shutting Mueller’s investigation down should have their head examined.  This was a blatant plant by the Washington  Post (and the CIA, let’s get real) to create exactly the kind of response from the Wil Wheatons of our world.

These people are simply ab-reacting noradrenaline junkies living in their amygdalas 24/7 while the world moves on without them.

Oh, important thing that I forgot: There are hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans who are prepared to take to the streets when Trump tries to fire Mueller, DAG Rosenstein, or otherwise shut down the investigation. We’re organizing here: (13/12)
— Wil ‘Kick the Nazis off the tweeters’ Wheaton (@wilw) December 19, 2017

I don’t know if we can stop it from happening, or if there are even enough Republicans in government who are capable of putting our country ahead of their party. But read up and know your history, just in case: (12/12)
— Wil ‘Kick the Nazis off the tweeters’ Wheaton (@wilw) December 19, 2017

If this isn’t the picture of someone in serious need of psychotherapy then …

In the same week we also get this little ditty by Newsweek. You don’t think these things aren’t coordinated to evoke this kind of response in ‘soy-boy’ Wheaton?

Painter, who worked under former president George W. Bush, appeared on MSNBC to discuss the widely criticized Fox News segment that suggested the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign could be considered a coup.

“The commander in chief is Donald Trump,” Painter said. “There is a risk of him using that power to destroy our democracy, whether you call it a coup or anything else. It’s not from the critics of Donald Trump that the danger is posed, it’s the fact that the man who is commander in chief of our military is engaged in obstruction of justice.”

The salient point here is why would Trump shut down Mueller?

Mueller has nothing on him. The longer this goes on the worse it looks for everyone involved and Trump comes out looking like the victim of a political witch-hunt.

Trump knows and has known from the beginning that there was nothing to investigate.

The only question has been whether Mueller could invent something through nigh-onto-illegal pressuring of people like Flynn, caught in the usual FBI web of procedural dishonesty, to turn on Trump and perjure themselves to avoid a prison sentence.

Trump v. Mueller

In fact, the more I think about the sequence of events, the more I think the meeting between Trump and Mueller the evening before Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel involved Trump telling Mueller, “Good luck finding anything, Bob, I’ll hang you by your own rope when this is all over.”

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