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By Daniel Greenfield

Governor Cuomo of New York is having a bad month, but it’s not because the Democrats and the media finally noticed that his order forcing nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients may have killed thousands of senior citizens: it’s because he’s up for reelection in 2022.

With Biden in the White House, the Democrats no longer need a model pandemic governor, and the AOC wing of the party in New York is preparing to primary him with an unfiltered socialist.

That’s why the Cuomo scandal has shifted from the trivial matter of 8,000 to 13,000 dead nursing home residents to the much more serious contention that the Cuomosexual-in-Chief may have once kissed a former aide: a Bernie Sanders supporter named Lindsey Boylan.

Democrats don’t know what to do with thousands of dead nursing home residents, but they’re pretty experienced at monetizing #MeToo scandals.

Some might question whether the purity of Ms. Boylan’s lips, important as they are, should matter more than thousands of dead human beings. But to paraphrase Stalin, an unwanted kiss is a tragedy, but thousands of dead grandmas and grandpas are just another statistic.

And it’s a statistic that has the potential to not only take down Cuomo, but Governor Whitmer in Michigan, Governor Murphy in New Jersey, Governor Newsom in California, and Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania. That’s why, after briefly allowing the public to vent a little outrage at the decision to turn nursing homes into death camps, Dems and the media pivoted to Lindsey’s lips.

While Cuomo, Whitmer, Murphy, Newsom, and Wolf all ordered nursing homes to take infected patients, only Cuomo, presumably, had made unwanted advances on Lindsey Boylan. And, much more importantly, the Sanders and AOC crowd is only targeting Cuomo, not the others.

There’s every reason to believe that Cuomo is a bully and a creep. But the sudden parade of Cuomo victims is being led by the same radical wing that wants to primary him. Lindsey Boylan

tried to primary Rep. Nadler by claiming he didn’t want to impeach Trump hard enough and is running to be the borough president of Manhattan. It’s a little hypocritical for the wife of an investment banker to be going after the 1 percent, but hypocrisy is the name of the game.

Assemblyman Ron Kim, who claims that Cuomo bullied him so hard that it made his wife cry, is a major supporter of Bernie Sanders and of radicals like the antisemitic Moumita Ahmed. Kim at least has some credibility because he had raised the issue of Cuomo’s infected admission order, but, like most lefties, he focused far more on enabling lawsuits against nursing homes.

That’s more than can be said for Attorney General Letitia James who focused on her plan to run for higher office by waging war on the NRA, only to belatedly pivot to nursing homes in 2021 with a report that raised far more questions than it answered. President Trump’s DOJ had launched an investigation that resulted in Cuomo’s coverup back in the summer of 2020.

Where was James back then? Investigating President Trump.

Now James, whom the media is touting as Cuomo’s likeliest rival, is insisting that only she has the authority to investigate his sexual harassment scandal. James is right that Cuomo shouldn’t be investigating himself, but having his opponent investigate him is just as disgustingly corrupt.

James already showed off her skills when she approved the Weinstein class-action settlement that would have given his victims a $10,000 check and covered Harvey’s legal fees.

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