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… vs. reality:

To be clear: Obama should be commended for having the common sense to adhere to the policies of his predecessor — and for signing off on the mission that netted Osama bin Laden.

But that’s about it.

Instead, he seems to want credit for fortuitous timing, presenting himself as some sort of armchair general rather than a sitting Commander in Chief being briefed on operations in between campaign stops, correspondent dinners, golf, and White House concerts. His trying to capitalize politically on bin Laden’s death is hardly unexpected, and yet the way he’s gone about it is so petty, so transparent, so small, that all he’s succeeded in doing is reminding people — even as the media strains to rework the narrative in his favor — that he opposed the very methods that yielded the intelligence necessary to find bin Laden. He opposed the very status of “enemy combatants”. He opposed “illegal wiretapping of American citizens” up until he needed to vote for it in order to shore up his anti-terrorism bona fides in the run-up to the Presidential election in 2008. And so on.

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