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Pollack’s daughter Meadow was killed at Parkland. Let him tell you why that happened.

“I tried to get my message out but this liberal-run mainstream media did not want the truth,” said Andrew Pollack in a new interview with Fox News.

Pollack is the father of Parkland school shooting victim, Meadow Pollack, and author of the new book, WHY MEADOW DIED: The People and Policies that Created the Parkland Killer and Endanger America’s Students.”

In a recent sitdown on “No Interruption,” Pollack told Tomi Lahren said that he is on a mission to educate parents about what really happened in Parkland and the failures that led to the massacre.

However, Pollack now claims that some media outlets do not want to give him a platform.  He believes his book is being largely ignored by the mainstream media because he is not promoting gun control, as the solution to an epidemic of school shootings.

“They want to talk if it is about the gun — the NRA.  But when Mr. Pollack comes up with the truth, no one wants to know the truth except conservative outlets.  Only conservatives will know the truth.   Only conservative media is interested,” Pollack told Fox News.

“I don’t need to sell books…I want parents to know the truth. I didn’t know what was going on in the school. They had to frisk [the Parkland shooter] every day. The media now is keeping the truth from parents. It is despicable. I’m not a political guy, all I want is the kids and teachers safe,” he continued.

“You know which parents are going to know the most…the truth about really what happened in Parkland — the parents that watch Fox News,” said Pollack.

Pollack also said that he now understands President Trump’s frustration with the media.

“I met with the President and I know how they treat him. No matter what he does, he never gets any credit…I am seeing it now. They don’t want to report the truth. It is hurtful, but they don’t want their readers to know the truth.”

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