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I’ve already seen it, celebrities and elites just glad that bin Laden’s death happened under Obama’s watch, not Bush’s because “he’s a good man”  and such. Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t get the memories out of my head regarding the full blown war against everything the Bush Administration was doing in the war on terror. Bush lLied & People Died, Code Pink, Murtha’s Cold Blooded Killers line, Bush Betrayed……   Cowboy diplomacy….. Water boarding, Rendition, And Olberdork’s spittle filled rants

Well, where is Code Pink & Olberdork today? Its priceless hypocrisy including a video of Olberdork railing against Cheney & a Constitutional Crisis.

I can’t forget how for 8 years, Democrats, Liberals, & Progressives did everything with in their power to undermine the Commander in Chief, but now that its a Democrat sending our troops into sovereign nations to shoot first and inform our “allies” later, the very same people who would impeach Bush & Cheney for raising their voices in a Library are praising Obama carrying out the orders Bush first made about a decade ago.

Look, Obama deserves credit for not listening to his base and sending the SEALs in. But if his own party, and the main stream media are to be taken seriously, they must be questioned why its OK for Obama to assassinate bin Laden, but not Bush?

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