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Hunter Biden’s business partner was tasked with transferring sensitive papers from Joe Biden’s vice presidential office to the University of Delaware – papers that were sensitive enough to require the involvement of White House lawyers, can reveal.
The revelation is the latest piece of evidence tying Hunter to the president’s potential mishandling of classified documents.
Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner who handled Joe’s taxes and personal affairs, was in charge of moving an archive of 1,850 boxes of files from the vice president’s DC office that were being donated to the University of Delaware in 2010.
Those documents, mainly from Biden’s time as a Delaware senator, also included Obama-Biden presidential transition team papers and raised the hackles of White House lawyers.
In a March 2010 email from Hunter’s laptop, Joe’s deputy counsel Katherine Oyama wrote to Schwerin warning that the ‘Deed of Gift’ document to the university ‘appears to include Obama-Biden transition papers, which the vice president likely does not own.’
She recommended the inclusion of language about ‘the University’s duty to comply with … classified information procedures’.
Schwerin forwarded the correspondence to Hunter, saying: ‘FYI – if you want to be in the loop. I sent to Mel who is going to talk to your Dad about this and decide who should work on it between him and Jamie.’
‘Mel’ likely refers to attorney Melvyn Monzack, who handled Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim’s taxes and other Biden family affairs.
Monzack also sent Hunter emails directly about Joe’s gift of sensitive papers to the University of Delaware in October 2010.
According to the University of Delaware website, ‘more than 1,850 boxes of archival records from the President’s Senate career arrived at the Library on June 6, 2012.’


A Newark Post report from the time said the records arrived on 33 pallets carried by two trucks, and also included 415 gigabytes of electronic records.
It is still unclear whether the thousands of papers given to UDel ended up including any classified documents.
Republican senator Ted Cruz called this week for the FBI to examine the boxes.
‘I am right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI, to examine all 1,850 boxes of those Senate records to see how many additional classified documents are in those records,’ Cruz said on his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz.
‘The answer should be none. But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason to have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents within those 1,850 boxes of Senate records,’ the senator claimed.
The revelation follows the growing scandal over several classified files found at Joe’s home, where Hunter lived in 2018 and 2019, at a Washington DC private office which Hunter helped set up, and a search at the president’s Rohobeth Beach home.
Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who led a four-year investigation into Hunter with fellow Senator Chuck Grassley, told government officials had failed to answer his questions about who had access to the classified files.
‘Because we now know President Biden has a history of improperly handling classified material, it is incumbent upon him to be transparent about who had access to those documents,’ Johnson said.
‘So far, neither the White House or the National Archives have responded to my requests for this information. The American people deserve to know whether Hunter Biden or his business partners had access to these sensitive records.’
The scandal over Joe’s alleged mishandling of classified documents first broke on January 9, when CBS revealed that the president’s lawyers had found 10 files at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in DC on November 2 – six days before the mid-terms.
Biden’s attorneys notified the Department of Justice, which launched an investigation but kept it secret until after the election.
Since then, six more files have been found in a garage at Joe’s lakeside mansion in Wilmington, Delaware.
CNN reported claims from an anonymous source close to the investigation that the documents contained intelligence material relating to Ukraine, Iran and the UK, and that Joe’s personal notebooks from his time as Vice President were also retrieved from the home in case they contained classified information.
Hunter served on the board of allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma, worked with Russian oligarchs, and had a multi-million-dollar deal with a Chinese government-linked oil company, raising fears that he could have had access to restricted files while dealing with foreign adversaries of the United States.
It is unclear whether Hunter viewed Joe’s files, but some appear to have been stored in the garage of the family home in Wilmington where Hunter lived for several months in 2018.
A photo obtained by shows a box labeled ‘Important Doc’s + Photos’, which appears to have been left unsealed on a table in Joe’s mansion.

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